iPad as travel computer replacemet



This is the first time I have traveled without taking my laptop (MacBookPro) with me for writing, email, surfing, and photo storage. I decided to take only my iPad “3” and left my iPhone in airplane mode. I used Pamela iPhone 4gs for all my photos and she used the Leica D-Lux4. I am waiting for my Telus contract to shorted and am holding out for a new iPhone 5.

Therefore my technology for this trip was:

  • 1. iPad for READING, writing, email (wifi only), and photo storage,
  • 2. thumb drive for backup
  • 3.  Pamela’s iPhone for photography. No calls.

I was originally afraid I would had problems since the iPad limits what you can import or save to it through the browser. I was editing the play that will be performed October 11-13th with the new It’s Alive Theatre company in Lunenburg. Because Scrivener for iPad is still in development I used Storyist (an alternative to Scrivener) to edit in RTF format and converted it to Final Draft on return. Since I do all my writing in Scrivener this was the only really handicap and should be removed with the upcoming release. 

I loved the smaller size and portability. In my opinion, “this is the BEST reading platform I have ever experienced”. Kindle on the iPad is much better than my Kindle 3 reader. The resolution is extraordinary and its light weight allowed me to read for hours in bed with comfort. The on screen keyboard is easier to use than I expected. All in all it was a great experience and I will travel with it more often going forward.

NOTE: If Apple is listening, the best solution would be a MacBook Air with a removable display. When the display is attached it acts as a MacBook and when detached it becomes an iPad. This would be the best of all worlds. Just a suggestion.