50 km ride with and against the wind...

Woke this morning to 18-20km winds from the ESE, but it is Sunday and I wanted to do a long ride. The counter-clockwise route to Riverport was just over 50km. That sounded like a good round number. I had a good rest last night and felt well. This would be my longest ride in over a decade. I enjoyed long-distance cycling when living in the South and look forward to riding with the Randonneurs Nova Scotia group in preparation for the 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris ride. 

The short ride to The Point in Blue Rocks prepared me for the wind ahead that would increase over the next several hours. The the back wind helped the ride into Lunenburg, but I realized I would have to ride back that way against the stronger wind. I told Pamela I would make a decision in town whether to complete the loop or not. If the wind was too strong I would be back in an hour, if not then a little over 2 hours if I could maintain 24kph over the entire route. 

Grimm Road was easier than expected because trees blocks the wind until I reached Middle LaHave at the 18 km mark. The ride for the next 9 kms was into the wind. I lowered myself into the dropped bars to become a little more aerodynamic and continued to peddling to Rose Bay. I realized that the charge on my iPhone/GPS battery was declining quickly. Stopped in at the Rose Bay market for a food break and to lower the phone’s brightness and turn off all non-essential apps. I did not feel the wind until the 40km mark by Frank’s Corner Automotive. My average speed dropped and the phone died at the 44.4 km mark. I was averaging 23.55 up to that point. 

I rode into the wind along Blue Rocks Road and tried to keep up my average but have to assume I was at least a minute behind my past times. Surprisingly, I felt better at the end than I expected. The spinning class on the cruise was a big help. 

Next week: intervals.