Blue Rocks, Red Lobster

May 30, 2012 We are gratefully settled into our new seaside rental in a little fishing village called Blue Rocks.

A view from up here:



We have plenty to tell you and show you about our third annual Writing the Waves cruise in the Mediterranean, but, first, a little tasty tease from home...



We arrived home on the second last day of the season and bought them (live) from Captain Cecil--here, a 2 minute walk away:



If you can't make out that sign, it says: LOBSTER $5.00 LB.

We tried two steamed and two boiled. The taste test says ... steamed, in salt (always!) water, and not for long:

1-1/4 lbs.  7-8 minutes 1-1/2 lb.  8-10 minutes 2 lbs.  11-12 minutes 2-1/2-3 lb.  12-14 minutes 5 lb.  20-22 minutes

Keep a lookout for travel photos from Italy, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece!


Arrival in Lunenburg

Arrived in Lunenburg and Cheryl Corkum from the Visitor's Center was helpful in getting us sites together (13 & 14) in the corner overlooking the back harbour. We went to Salt Shaker for lunch and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine over looking the harbour.

After touring around town, we drove out to Blue Rocks to enjoy the sun setting over the fish shacks.

Later we dropped by the Ice House to listen to Paul, Eilidh, and Anne play Celtic music on guitar and fiddles. Jay had to eat slow since he was only allowed to stay as long as he was eating, because he was underage.

We look forward to seeing Paul and Eilidh playing again next week as a part of the Folk Harbour Music Festival. -L