Dockweiler State Beach

October 3-24, 2010 Dockweiler State Beach has a wide stretch of sand and a section of The Strand, a 22-mile-long bicycle path that runs from Redondo Beach up to the Pacific Palisades. It's just 2 miles south of Venice Beach.

We had a front row site and our front driver's tire rested on the sand. In fact, after strong winds we often had to shovel sand off our site to keep a flat base for our chairs.

We had gorgeous weather (80F+) for the first few days then cold, wet and blustery days for two weeks. However, the sun managed to make an appearance for sunset every evening.

We jogged the path almost every morning, drizzle or shine, and otherwise enjoyed the seascape.

One rainy day a seal galumphed up the beach to the path to sip fresh water from the puddles.

Dockweiler proved a good homebase for all that we wanted to do and see in the area. We head back there for another 3-week stay starting February 12th.


Broad Cove, Cape Breton

August 13-15, 2010 Broad Cove, Cape Breton, NS

One of few campgrounds with full services for large RVs in Cape Breton, the Broad Cove Campground also offers a great beach just a short walk from the campsite.

We plopped down just before sunset to take in the hush of the tide, and an impromptu rock game.

Jay made his mark in the reddish granite sand:

A calm evening welcomed us on our first night in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.


Seaside Florida My Favorite Beach Town in the World

For years while I lived in Atlanta, I would drive to Seaside, rent a different house each year and stay from Thanksgiving till Christmas. It was a great place to get away after a long year.

Seaside was one of the original "New Urban" communities and has attracted many artist and visitors over the years. The architecture is unique, since every house is required to have 1/3 of all square footage in porches and a picket fence unique to the community.

The community is dog friendly and Seaside beach is the only beach in Florida where dogs are allowed. The sugar fine sand is a great place to play year round.

All photos here are from other sources. We will be her for a month and I look forward to walking the streets and documenting one of my favorite towns anywhere. More to come. -L

Newport, OR Photos

October 4, 2008 - Outdoor Resorts We passed a psychedelic VW van, scullers in the river, strawberry farms, elk signs, autumn-tinted trees.

Small Bus

Newport Murals

More Murals

Kissy Kissy

We heard the sea lions's raucous a half mile away. They are lazy and ornery.

Sea Lions on the Docks

You can buy fresh crab off the pier the size of soccer balls.

Newport Harbor

Local Fish Shack

A Face for Everyone

View from Greatest Campsite to Date (out the front window)

View of the Newport Lighthouse

Great Beach

Seaside, OR Photos

September 29, 2008 Boardwalk

This guy flies and flips through the air with his kite/sail (thought he might fly away!):

The Beach


Cute Shop

Seaside, a small, yes, seaside 'resort' town with the flavour of a Floridian town without the palm and orange trees. The same stretching sands, trinket boutiques, cafes and seafood restaurants. In fact the only clear difference, aside from weather, fauna and the elk, are the subjects hanging in the galleries, in this case, the big mammals of North America and aboriginal art and fantastical art. A shopper's mecca - strips of outlet stores. Seaside smells like fudge and hot pavement. Blustery. Conveniently located on a Tsunami evacuation route. Is that good or bad?

Seaside, Oregon is at the end of the Lewis & Clark trail, which covers over 4,600 miles from St. Louis, MO to the Pacific Coast in 1803-06.