End of the World

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Despite all foolish worries that the world would end today, because a Mayan calendar ended a cycle, the sun still rose at 7:52. The winter solstice arrived at 8:20 and Blue Rocks was at low tide an hour later. Below are a few photos since the world did not come to an end.

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Photos taken with iPhone5.

Mystery of the Knitted Rock


We sat on the rocks in front of the house the other night for some wine and cheese as the sun set. The next day a rock with a knitted cap marked the spot. The mystery is we do not who placed it there. We asked several suspects and they were clueless. If you can solve the mystery please let us know. It may be a random act of creativity and kindness. Either way it brightens our day each time we walk, bike, or drive by this colorful reminder. Thanks to whoever.

Finally Moved In, Mostly

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The boxes are slowly disappearing as we unpack and the house is now livable. We still have dozens of boxes to go through that were in storage while we traveled on our Tour of North America for three years. But they will wait until we return from our Med Cruise in June. Until then we are going to just enjoy the views, lunch on the decks, relax in a comfortable seat, read a lot, and just be.

The full moon over the water last night was magical. Today, several kayakers set in the water just in front of the house while we were having lunch on the deck and warming in the sun. 

Typical Blue Rocks Coastline


Source: Sminky (Flickr)

Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere...

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Moving to Blue Rocks next week and the house is full of boxes. Eight years ago we crossed the border into Canada with less than two dozen boxes because the couple that bought our house in Atlanta bought everything in the house (pots, pans, books, linens, paintings, almost everything. Today we have enough stuff to require three men and a truck to move us. 

But we are excited about the move. Be will be right on the water on Point Road in a great house, with a wonderful deck, and uninterrupted views of the water. We are looking forward to our first party in the new home and hope we can find a sunny day to enjoy being outside. Until then, it is back to packing.

Morning Ride

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Finished Cycle: 2012-04-09 8:32:48 AM

Route: Blue Rocks Loop

Ride Time: 56:33

Stopped Time: 2:41

Distance: 16.91 km

Average: 17.94 km/h

Fastest Speed: 71.74 km/h

Ascent: 32 meters

Descent: 28 meters

Calories: 723



This morning with cloudy, windy, and cool, but the snow was melted. The ride kept me warm and I was just happy not to be the fisherman pulling up lines in the bay.

Bicycling to Blue Rocks


Rode the bike to Blue Rocks today for the second ride of the season. We move to Blue Rocks in May and I wanted to see the ride time into town. The hills make for a good workout, which I desperately need. The sky was clear and the sun made the 6C temp feel warmer. Rode straight out from the house and stopped for a few photos.


Sitting on the rocks I realized I carried the two heavy hardback books I intended to drop at the library before leaving town, but forgot.

Quickly realized that the wind was to my back on the way out and was blowing in my face on the ride home. Shifted to a lower gear and kept pumping the peddles.

Stopped by the Lunenburg Bike Barn on the way home, but Al was on a Good Friday ride, so I talked with Rick and Saundra who were doing some landscaping for a moment before heading to the library.

I look forward to riding in to town on a regular basis to get the mail. Hopefully practice will level the hills over time.