New Cafe in Town - The Savvy Sailor

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When we returned to Lunenburg after our three year Tour of North America we were disappointed that Historic Grounds, one of our favorite cafes had closed. This morning we had brunch at The Savvy Sailor, a new cafe/restaurant in the same location on Montague Street. Pamela had the frittata and I had the Classic Bennie, both were great and the dining area is larger. Worth a visit for a good meal and conversation. Saw several friends enjoying the Grand Opening today. 

Cycling Slow, Knitting Better


Source: www.yehudamoon.comYesterday Pamela drove over to the Valley to see family and a friend early in the morning. I was registered for the Finished Knitting class at Have A Yarn taught by Angela which started in the afternoon. Instead of riding with Pamela and waiting around the Tim Hortons until The Biscuit Eater opened, I decided to ride the bike over. I have not ridden the rails-to-trail path from Lunenburg to Mahone Bay and cyclists told me at the Fibre Retreat that the four-wheelers had torn up the path north of Oak Island, so I was hesitant.

Rode into town first to get some cash from the ATM and warm up the legs, though at my current lack of conditioning, a warm up is more a wear out.

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Lunenburg to Mahone Bay

Ride Time: 59:16

Stopped Time: 10:1

Distance: 12.96 km

Average Speed: 13.12 km/h

Fastest Speed: 44.87 km/h

Ascent: 105 meters

Descent: 104 meters

Calories: 580

The path was in fairly good condition. The grassy parts were harder to ride on and the ruts from the four-wheelers were only slightly wet. I stopped several time to enjoy the views (code for take a break, drink water, strip off outer layers). And though the breaks were to rest, I forgot to take any photos. I am especially disappointed not to have photos of the lovely marsh area about half way down the path. I will make the ride again soon and remember to take photos this time (will be a good excuse for a break).

I am out of shape and the weakness in my legs will attest to that fact along with my slow average speed. I am testing several of the iPhone bike apps and though Strava has the nicest share feature, the data is more accurate in Cyclemeter because they account for stopped time. UPDATE: After talking with support I will continue with Cyclemeter because its give more information and better control.

Stopped into the Biscuit Eater for a cup of Ginger Tea and a Biscuit (that killed the 580 calories I had burned on the ride). Elly Danica surprised me with a gift of caps to cover my DPNs. I saw hers and wanted to make a set for myself, which I did. I liked her’s more because they fit better and looked nicer, form is as important as function (that is one reason I am an Apple fan). Later that evening I made a set for my needles. Thanks Elly.


Quickly finished my tea and headed to Have A Yarn for a workshop with Angela on Finishing Your Knitting. Six of us spent the next four hours learning new methods of binding off, seaming, blocking, and generally improving our finished projects. The weather was turning nasty by the end of the workshop and Pamela offered to pick me up on her way home. Peddled over to Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and worked on my socks which are coming along nicely.


We decided to stop by The Knot Pub for an “Easter Dinner” and sat with Saundra and Rick and enjoyed a few beers, good conversation, and great pub food.

Preparing for Folk Harbour Festival

After a few days of getting things done locally, like vehicle inspections, doctor's visits, and moving a few more books into storage, we settle it to get prepared for the first day of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. First thing was to hit the Farmers market early to get fresh crapes to sustain us through out the day. We then stocked up on last minute food items.

Too many choices at the recycling area.

Then Jim and Nancy Smith arrived from Halifax and the music stated again.

Finally before heading to the big tent for the evening entertainment we had a great meal of fresh scollops (Debbie stood in line at the fish store with the local earlier in the morning) and pasta with salad.

We are suffering through as best we can. -L