Florence Resumed

April 23, 2010 Storage is scarce so laundry and bicycles (?) hang off balconies:

That photo was snapped from Muse Casa di Dante. The museum is a disappointment: scant exhibits feebly related to the scribe of the Divine Comedy and the rest a mix mash of poor reproductions of costumes and such, though we did enjoy the reproduction copies by Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Raphael, Michelangelo, etc.

Dante doesn't look impressed either:

The infamous David (on the left), albeit a copy:

That must be Hercules and Cacus on the right.

You won't see what we saw a lot of unless you really look at this photo. Obviously the novelty has worn off for the vendor.

The BEST way to end a day in Florence? Savour espressos and tiramisu at Croce Caffe in Piazza Santa Croce.

Croce Square and another wee three-wheeler:

Well, that's a taste of Florence.


Little Grand Canyon, GA

This little know canyon in mid west Georgia, just south of Columbus, officially called Providence Canyon is a small wonder. Difficult to photograph because the sky is normally cloudless and gray. My father and I have photographed this canyon for over thirty-five years with everything from large to small format cameras. Most of the photos on the park website were made by my father over 20 years ago. I have added a larger photo gallery to the sidebar on the home page under Providence Canyon.

While visiting the family for the holidays we stole dad away for an overnight trip to the canyon.

If you are traveling in west Georgia this is near Plains and there is a nice campground, Florence Marina State Park. -L

Canyonlands National Park Gallery

Vrew from Grand View Trail Photo Gallery for Canyonlands National Park

The park has north and south entrances almost 100 miles apart. The north district is called Island in the Sky and the southern district is called The Needles. Staying in Moab we were able to easily access both entrances. There are numerous 4x4 trails the access the park from all directions. The gallery is from several day trips into the park. The variety of landscapes and the wonderful morning and evening light transform hour by hour. Hiking trails lead you along the rim for better views. -L

Last Walk Around Santa Fe

Antique Lock I spent the afternoon walking around Santa Fe visiting the a few of my favorite galleries and took a few photos my new Leica. I dropped into Ward Russell Photography and had a nice chat with the photographer.

Ward Russell - photographer

Ward was a Hollywood cinematographer for many years prior to moving to Santa Fe to pursue his personal photography passion.

I also dropped into Monroe Gallery of Photography was exhibiting Mark Shaw's photographs. The Andrew Smith Gallery which we missed on our first visit has moved into a lovely location near the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.

My favorite was Lisa Kristine Gallery, she is one of the great humanitarian photographers. Visit her website to see her exquisite vision. -L