Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headset


My older MotoRokr S9-HD stopped connecting over Bluetooth with my iPhone and Motorola replaced it with the newer S10 model. I love these headsets because they have great audio, fit well, and the ear buds are comfortable. Whether walking or riding on the trainer, the lack of a cord and the ability to still have all controls easily accessible for the phone is great feature.

MotoRokr S9-HD Bluetooth Headset


I love my iPhone and have since the first version. Few technoligy tools leverage your time better. My only complaint over the years, was the ear plugs. I hated the the wire. Motorola has solved the problem with a comfortable, over the ear wireless headset that controls the iPhone. Whether I am listening to music, talking on the phone, or tracking a bicycle ride, I have total contol, even if I am doing all at the same time. See video review below.

UPDATE: Link the MotoRokr to your iPad wirelessly and use Line2 app to make calls from your iPad over wifi. Line2 also works on iPhone.