Interesting Chart: Newspaper Ad Revenue Crashes



The Problem

Over the past decade the impact of the internet (blogs, Twitter, and Facebook) has replaced the newspaper as the primary source of daily information. With iPhones, iPads, and the ability to send photos or video around the world instantly over the social networks, print is just too slow. Example: video streamed live during the last tsunami, not from the news services, but from individual cell phones.

The Necessary Change

The print media, like the book industry, must adapt to the changes occurring around them. Publishers realized when ebook sales surpassed print book sales, several quarters ago, that they must embrace what they have resisted for so long. The print newspaper industry must also adapt or perish. Without the meager addition of online sales the newspapers would be back to the 1950’s revenue.

Impact on You

We are all susceptible to change, which remains constant. Humans are the most adaptable creatures on the planet and businesses must also be adaptable. Look around and see what technology or resource you are resisting to adopt. It may be just what you need to prepare for the future.

iPad as travel computer replacemet



This is the first time I have traveled without taking my laptop (MacBookPro) with me for writing, email, surfing, and photo storage. I decided to take only my iPad “3” and left my iPhone in airplane mode. I used Pamela iPhone 4gs for all my photos and she used the Leica D-Lux4. I am waiting for my Telus contract to shorted and am holding out for a new iPhone 5.

Therefore my technology for this trip was:

  • 1. iPad for READING, writing, email (wifi only), and photo storage,
  • 2. thumb drive for backup
  • 3.  Pamela’s iPhone for photography. No calls.

I was originally afraid I would had problems since the iPad limits what you can import or save to it through the browser. I was editing the play that will be performed October 11-13th with the new It’s Alive Theatre company in Lunenburg. Because Scrivener for iPad is still in development I used Storyist (an alternative to Scrivener) to edit in RTF format and converted it to Final Draft on return. Since I do all my writing in Scrivener this was the only really handicap and should be removed with the upcoming release. 

I loved the smaller size and portability. In my opinion, “this is the BEST reading platform I have ever experienced”. Kindle on the iPad is much better than my Kindle 3 reader. The resolution is extraordinary and its light weight allowed me to read for hours in bed with comfort. The on screen keyboard is easier to use than I expected. All in all it was a great experience and I will travel with it more often going forward.

NOTE: If Apple is listening, the best solution would be a MacBook Air with a removable display. When the display is attached it acts as a MacBook and when detached it becomes an iPad. This would be the best of all worlds. Just a suggestion.

Favorite iPad App in the Morning


Ever stand at the newsstand hoping to find a magazine with no ads that has all the articles on topics you are interested in reading. Zite is an iPad app that delivers 24/7 all the sections on the news you are interested in following. Each morning  I can slowly rise while enjoying the latest book or theatre review, follow the latest bicycle race, see the new movie trailers, find out what is happening in the world and around the corner in Nova Scotia, or read a provocative essay. Unlike the NYTimes app which I enjoyed, this pulls from all the best newspapers, magazines, blogs , and other online sources for articles.

The reader selects the sections and topics that interest you. Zite follows what you read and intelligently learns to give you more of the same. You can like or dislike as you read along an help Zite improve your choices. You can add and remove sections as your interest change.

Best of all it is a Free App on iTunes.