New Personal Best - 88km at 30km/h avg speed

I am gradually increasing my distances in preparation for the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km ride in 2015. Today was going to be a 75+km day, but that was conservative. We ended up riding 88km.

My neighbor Ian and I  left Blue Rocks and rode along the water through Maders Cove to The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay. Stopped for a cappuccino and split a biscuit. The caffeine helped us up the 97m Blockhouse hill. We crossed over the 103 a few kilometers further and continued over the rolling hills to the RCMP office in Bridgewater. Rode in along the river and crossed on the new bridge to King Street and headed to the LaHave Bakery. We thought we would have a tail wind along the river, since we had ridden against the wind all morning, but the wind shifted again to hit us in the face. Up to Bridgewater I was able to pull my share but after Bridgewater my legs were beginning to feel the extra distance. Luckily Ian pulled most of the way to Lahave and we stopped for a break (lemonade and half slice of pizza each). The scallop boat was in and we stopped to watch them unload. We caught the ferry and my legs began to cramp on the way to Rose Bay. Stopped at the Rose Bay store for a banana and Gatorade to replace potassium and electrolytes. Felt strong for the next several kilometers and pulled again against the wind. We finally had a short section with the wind to our backs and then the wind shifted again and I followed Ian into the headwind. We took a leisurely pace through Lunenburg in expectation of Rye Hill and rode all the way to Blue Rocks in another head wind. 

My iPhone battery died at 71 km. Ian and I were averaging 30 kph to that point, a new personal best for distance ride. I would like to get my average speed above 30 kph consistently before I start riding with the Randonneurs Nova Scotia for the upcoming 120km, 160km, and 200km rides starting in September. 

Note: Map and elevation chart are interactive.

Biscuit Eater Closes Today

IMG 0099

Source: Watercolor by Leslie Snidal

The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay closes today. I rode the bike over and Pamela meet me there. The place was hopping as friends from all over the province came to say goodbye to a community icon. We all had a tea or coffee and one of the famous biscuits and mourned the loss of our favorite gathering place. 

Rumor is there may be hope of a buyer, we cross our fingers and hope. Though we know whatever comes will not be the same, but hopefully different in a good way. Dawn, Alden, Patterson, Deb, Jo, and Robin thank you for so many wonderful memories and good times.

Cardboard Boats

Saturday, July 31, 2010 - Mahone Bay, NS

The participants were given 90-minutes, cardboard, styrofoam, duct tape, and there own creativity to create a racing boat for two.

Five teams entered in this heated competition.

Luckily everyone finished despite taking on water. -L

More Pirates... Part 2

Saturday, July 31, 2010 - Mahone Bay, NS

Our friend, Jon Allen lead a group of pirates through town doing mischief.

One pirate was captured and sentenced to death by firing squad.

But their aim was poor and he later escaped with the help of his fellows.

We barely escaped with our lives on several occasions, but had a great time. -L

Pirates in Mahone Bay Part 1

Saturday, July 31, 2010 - Mahone Bay, NS

The Classic Boat Festival was replaced this year by the Mahone Bay Regatta and when ever there are boats about there are always a few pirates. We stopped first at our favorite cafe The Biscuit Eater for coffee and biscuits. Nik a local guitar player and computer expert joined us.

Nik is an English friend and Aikido practitioner. The Cutter behind us is from Hamburg, Germany and is almost 100 years old.

A lot of boat were being pulled around in the harbour. This small tug was pulling a big load.

A dory was dragged through town to be launched by oxen.

Dory Launching was once done by oxen and pulley.

More to follow. -L