LSD - 12 mile run toward 1/2 marathon

LSD (long slow distance) runs build endurance. I want to participate in the Valley Harvest Marathon on October 13th in Wolfville, NS. As the race gets closer I will decide whether I can do the full marathon or just the half. But in the meantime I will train for the  full marathon.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at Mon, 8 Apr, 10.19 AM.png

Yesterday, I intended to run  12 miles at a 13:30 pace but I ran the 12 miles at a 13:03 pace and ran 10 miles the previous week at a 13:20 pace.  I felt surprisingly good throughout the run. I was running mid 12s to 13 for the first nine miles and then slowed to 14-15 pace because my left adductor was tightening and It took over a mile for me to adjust my posture enough for it to relax. I ran the final mile at 12:54. Felt good. 

Next week it is at 13.1 mile run (half marathon distance). 

I must be rolling up on my toes and pushing off, because they are still sore this morning. Need to work on my mid foot strike and lifting my feet rather then pushing off with my toes. Another form focus for this week.  

Today is an easy run day, just to loosen up. I will let my toes rest a little more and do either an afternoon or evening run.  

New Personal Best



Today I topped both hills on my Hill Training Loop. The new Trek road bike gearing is more efficient and smoother than the Raleigh Hybrid. I do miss the 28/30 granny gear of the hybrid for spinning up a hill. But surpassingly I was able to power up both hills today and only time and more miles will make it even easier. My average speed has increased 4 km/hr. Looking forward to a few long rides this weekend.

New concept bike from Parlee Cycles that shifts with your thoughts. Another use of your iPhone.

Home to Nova Scotia

We are packing boxes of books and belongs today. It is sad to think that our home for the last three years will be left in LA where we bought it three years. The bus will make a great home for some other family.

We leave LA Wednesday to head quickly across the country to cross the boarder and return to Nova Scotia.

We have met many wonderful people and seen the best of North America. On to other adventures. -L

Canyonlands Drive and Rim Hike

canyonlands_500x260.shkl We drove the Canyonlands National Park road to the Grand View and then hiked to Grand View Point.


The elevation chart above shows the hike to the point on the far right. The views from this point are 360 degrees with over 300 degrees of canyon floor before you. Photo gallery coming soon. -L

We Are Here

moab-map We are located at the green arrow. Just south of Arches National Park and just north of Moab and the Colorado River. -L

Arches National Park, UT

Arches National Park Drive to the Overlooks The first day we arrived we drove to all the overlooks to scout out the best hikes and times to return. Many of the arches are only a short hike from the parking lots.

Arches National Park Morning Hike

Yesterday we rose early to hike the ridge to see Landscape Arch, Double O Arch and serveral others that are included in the Arches Photo Gallery. This hike is best done before noon since the temperatures are well above 100F in the afternoon. A gallon of water per person is not too much. The morning light is best for these arches at the north end of the park. -L

Grand Canyon River Adventure

Our Grand Canyon flight, jeep, hike, raft adventure was outstanding. Below are the gps tracks from our flight over the canyon and raft down the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry. Flight over Grand Canyon

Raft trip from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry

We were both glad to step back onto the ground in Page, AZ since the small plane bumped around a lot with all the turbulence from the canyon walls. We then had breakfast and hit the jeeps for a short ride to Upper Antelope Canyon, one of the two beautiful slot canyons (photos coming). Then to the river, through the Homeland Security checkpoint to our raft for an extraordinary ride through the vast canyon and winding river. Photos coming. -L

Summer and Fall Travel Plans

sum-fall For the next several months we will be traveling through many of the western National Parks. We are stopping at all the Southern Utah canyon parks. Dropping by Salt Lake City to see friends and then to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, before heading east to the Badlands and then down to Oklahoma for a Prevost Owners rally. If you are along the route let us know; we would love to have a drink together and catch up with you. -L&P

Alamogordo, NM

toalamogordo 20,791 miles traveled.

Drove throught the San Andres Mountains into the Tularosa Valley.


Alamogordo sits at the base of the Sacramento Mountains in south central NM.


We will stay here for several days to visit White Sands National Monument and drive into the mountains to see Cloudcraft and the Sunspot Solar Observatory. Then on to Roswell for UFO's and other worldly experiences. -L

See Where We Are...

tonopah The side bar has a new link titled "See Where We Are." if you click on the link you will be taken to a map of our current location. We are 7011 on the map. You can zoom the map in or out for a better view of the area.

We are currently in Tonopah, AZ. We will be heading to Quartzsite, AZ for the weekend to meet up with others from the Prevost Owners Group.

More Crater Lake Photos - Gallery

Crater Lake from Google Earth The Lake is 6 miles across and the rim road is about a 30 mile drive with the move spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding valley.

Click on the photo for a larger version. This is a beautiful place.


Whistler to Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, WA - 16,822 miles

We have enjoyed beautiful sunny weather for the past several days. The next several weeks we will drive around Olympic National Park and down the coast into Oregon where we plan on having the interior redecorated by Oregon Motorcoach Center. -L