Great Southern Circle

We toured around the South on our way to the beach for the winter. The earlier posts describe those adventures. We are now at Grayton Beach State Park, two miles from Seaside, FL for the rest of January before heading further south. -L

States Visited Map Updated


As 2009 come to a close, we updated the States and Provinces Visited Maps in the sidebar. We have four states left in the lower 48 and 2 Provinces and the Canadian Territories. Something more for 2010. We will spend the winter in Florida and then cross Canada from Thunder Bay to Nova Scotia to meet Eric, Debbie, and Jay Faires in Lunenburg for the Folk Harbour Music Festival and then a tour of Cape Breton island.

Tennessee Aquarium

There are more than just fish at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattahoochee, TN.

Our favorite was the Penguin exhibit. We were lucky to be there at feeding time.

This is a must see stop in your travels. There are actually two Aquariums. One is ocean and the other is for the Tennessee River. Both are worth a visit.

[caption id="attachment_3982" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Maybe we didn\'t really need Alabama and Mississippi..."][/caption]

The above map makes sense to me. Each state has an ocean and a river. Seems like good economics to me. Looks like property back home in Nova Scotia where every parcel included ocean front, garden site, and woodlot on the mountain. Progress sometimes seems to go backwards. -L

Recent Utah Hikes

Capital Reef NP - Cassity Arch Hike This is a wonderful hike in the area Butch Cassity and his men hid from the law. The views along this trail are breathtaking. It is a strenuous hike.

Capital Reef NP - Capital Gorge Hike

This is an easy hike along the floor of the canyon where the Mormon pilgrims carved there names into the walls of the canyon in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Escalante SP - Petrefied Forrest Hike

This is a moderately strenuous hike that leaves the campground and ascends to a great view of the town of Escalante and many large petrified tree trunks.

Escalante National Monument - Devil's Garden Hike

This is an easy hike around the hoodoos and formations. See the upcoming photo gallery for images from this magical place.

Bryce NP - Queens Garden Navajo Loop Hike

Sorry for the poor quality of this Google Earth image. There must have been a fire when the Satellite took these photos since smoke covers the entire Bryce area on Google. But this hike is considered the "world's greatest three mile hike" and we would have to agree. After a steep decent into the canyon floor you have wonderful views of Bryce from below. The steep ascent out of the canyon makes this a moderately strenuous hike. Well worth the effort. -L

Canyonlands NP drives and hikes

Upheaval Dome Hike - Canyonlands NP Geologist disagree whether the Upheaval Dome was caused by a salt dome or a meteor. The field geologist we met on the trail gave some pretty convincing evidence for a meteor. We will concede to his superior knowledge.

Needles Drive and Slickrock Hike

The drive to Needles after you leave Hwy 191 is impressive. A lush valley surrounded on both sides by buttes and spires. We found out later that a plateau erodes into separate buttes that erode into spires (needles). The 22 miles drive is worth every mile. After visiting the park visitor center we drove to the end and hiked Slickrock Trail (not recommended if it is raining). -L