Next Step: Move, Merge, Acquire, or Sell?

Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 4:00pm Eastern

If you want to:

  • change firms, this webinar will discuss the checklist I use with clients to help them change firms and how to negotiate the best contract.
  • grow your business, then a merger or acquisition is your best choice and we will address all the options and how to avoid the pitfalls of others.
  • retire, we will examine the best way to prepare your business for a sale and how to negotiate the best price for the sale of your practice.

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Discount available for clients and past attendees: email wlw3@mac. com for discount code.

Broker/Dealer user only
Space is limited because of HD video

Five questions to ask before you buy a book (of business)

I was recently interviewed by Fiona Collie for an article she wrote titled "Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy" for Investment Executive website. The article discussed several important questions to ask first.

One of the biggest hinderances to successful purchases is the incompatibilty of the new advisor with the new clients, because of the personality differences between the two advisors. I encourage my clients to always have the other advisor do a DISC analysis to confirm compatible personalities. Otherwise, the buyer may discover months later that the assets they thought they were purchasing have disappeared. For more information on the DISC analysis see the link here.