First 10 Mile Run

High Volume, Low Intensity

Starting February 24 I have run 5-6 days every week. The five days of February only totaled nine miles. March was eighty-seven miles. April has twenty-two miles down so far and I am up to fifty miles a week now. I am trying to maintain high volume and low intensity in my runs to burn fat and build endurance. Speed is not a concern now. I will continue to maintain a low intensity (HR zone 2) on 80% of my runs and allow speed to increase gradually over time. I have run one hundred and eighteen miles to date without injury, thanks to Chi Running and my New Balance MT-10 running shoes that feel like perfect fitting gloves on my feet. The following are my current personal records.

Personal Records

  • 1 mile - Mar 7 - 11:24 mi/min (improved from 13:27 on Feb 24)
  • 5 k - 2013-0320 - 11:26 mi/min (improved from 12:07 on Mar 10)
  • 10 k - 2013-0324 - 13:38 mi/min (first run)
  • 10 mile - 2013-0331 - 13:07 mi/min (first run)