Vintage and Folk Socks by Nancy Bush

I was first introduced to Nancy Bush  when her book Knitting On The Road caught my eye in the Lunenburg Library  just after my birthday in 2012. The sock patterns intrigued me enough to want to learn how to knit. 

This week I found her books on Vintage and Folk socks at the library and again she has inspired me to challenge myself with some new patterns and techniques. 

The Gentleman's Sock with Railway Stitch and the Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock are interesting places to start.

A cast-on technique that interest me most is the Norwegian Cast-O which gives you a purl stitch as the base, while a Long Tail Cast-on gives you a knit stitch as the base. By alternating the two techniques on the cast-on will make for a cleaner knit / purl ribbing for cuffs.

Latest Knitting Adventures



Fingerless Gloves in progress. Made by combining a Worsted gray and finger weight red from stash. 



Matching new hat from the same two yarns.



Earlier experiment to change the look of the round top. 



Socks knit as a gift for Pamela.



Start of a pair of sock for myself. I love the sport weight yarn. It is not as tedious as the finger weight yarn and I am able to work it faster and with less mistakes. First pair was chunky,  this pair sport weight, maybe next pair will be finger weight…maybe.

Socks almost finished



I finished the first sock last night and will begin the gusset on the other. Now I just have to remember how to pick up the stitches from the heel flap. I wish I could remember what the ladies from Cape Breton showed me. I may have to wait until the Knitting/Spinning Circle at Sharon's on Friday.

I started my IWK Purple Baby Hat last night and the yarn is so soft and the color is a vivid purple. It should not take long even on 3mm DPN's. I will post photos when there is something to show.

Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat - Photos


Spinners and knitters from Cape Breton who adopted me.


Sandra wove a beautiful scarf over the weekend.


I found my dream spinning wheel: Majacraft Suzie Pro (Alpaca edition)


Sharon Orpin, founder of the Retreat and my drop spindle teacher, started me Saturday morning on her Journey Wheel (see Though it took me most of the day to coordinate my hands and feet, it did manage to spin some usable yarn.


Another spinning circle


A lovely quilt


Finally turned the heel of my first sock, with the help of Donna, Anne, Sharon, and others

The weekend included lots of knitting, good conversation, helpful encouragement, wonder weather and views of the bay, good food, and new friends. Gregory, Jeff, and I were the only male participants among the 200+ attendees. Sharon and her husband Richard put on a wonderful event. Thanks all.