Wild China


Synopsis: An in-depth look at some of China's most impressive natural sites such as the ancient Han kingdom, the Mongol steppes, the Silk Road and the Tibetan Plateau. 

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Visually stunning presentation of th wild life and wild place of China. 

Paris-Brest-Paris Training Trailer

I am training to ride in the 2015 Pairs-Brest-Paris 1200km ride that must be completed in 90 hours or less. This is my first video with the GoPro HD Hero2 video camera. Hope you enjoy. You can follow my progress here over the coming months. This is my fun trailer.

I plan on riding the PBP on a recumbent tadpole trike, that will look something like this one below.



Tour of Nova Scotia with the Faires Family

Saturday, July 24, 2010 - Fundy National Park

Today we left Maine and crossed into Nova Scotia with Eric, Debbie, and Jay Faires following in their 2003 Prevost Liberty Lady Classic bus. You may remember we stayed with the Faires' at their bus barn in Huntsville, TN from November 25- December 2, 2009 to celebrate US Thanksgiving and do some bus maintenance. They are fellow POG members and we enjoy traveling with them. Debbie visited here years ago and Eric, who is an Iron But Rally Motorcycle finisher. He rode 11,000 miles in 11 days. Jay there thirteen old son is a musical prodigy who plays like Eric Clapton. We planned a year ago to tour NS and they asked to come along. Pamela has spent a month scheduling our three week tour which will include a stay in Lunenburg for the Classic Boat Festival and Folk Harbour Festival, Louisbourg Fortress, Cabot Trail and Cape Breton, and much more. We will try to post on a regular basis throughout the tour.

Today we arrived at the Fundy National Park after crossing the border at St. Stephens. Our campsite over-looked the shore. We walked out on the bay at low tide and then sat up on cliff and enjoyed wine and cheese while the tide came back in. Jay posted a time-lapsed video of the incoming tide here. -L

We arrived just in time for low tide.

We must've walked almost a half mile to reach the water's edge.

It was mucky and slow going save for the barnacle crusted rocks here and there. I think Debbie and I have perfected the barnacle ballet.

Scallop shells.

Alma Harbour, "Home of the Highest Tides in the World", at low tide.

We watched the tide come in until it consumed the final sand bar, but you can see it move 2000 times faster in Jay's The Tide video Lloyd mentioned above.

We're having a fantastic time!