Next Step: Move, Merge, Acquire, or Sell?

Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 4:00pm Eastern

If you want to:

  • change firms, this webinar will discuss the checklist I use with clients to help them change firms and how to negotiate the best contract.
  • grow your business, then a merger or acquisition is your best choice and we will address all the options and how to avoid the pitfalls of others.
  • retire, we will examine the best way to prepare your business for a sale and how to negotiate the best price for the sale of your practice.

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Discount available for clients and past attendees: email wlw3@mac. com for discount code.

Broker/Dealer user only
Space is limited because of HD video

New Webinar

For the past year I stopped all social media and limited my projects while working on creating a series of new webinars.  Today technology exist that will help advisers better manage their practice and portfolios.

These institutional tools do not exist inside the firms and a knowledge gap exists between advisers and sophisticated investors. The secrets that the large institutional traders know and the tools they use are what separated the retail broker from the institutional trader in 2008. The upcoming webinar will inform advisers how to eliminate that risk and turn their existing investment process into a marketing tool.

Webinar Info

Title: New Tools to Help Understand and Manage the Markets (2-part series)
Date: January 6 & 7
Time: 4:00-5:30pm Eastern

Cost: $195 (plus HST for Canadians)

Space is limited because of the High Definition Webinar  bandwidth requirement.

Registration Link Here

Prior to the Webinar:

  • Each participant will complete a Trader Self Assessment
  • Complete an Anymeeting system test to confirm compatibility

Topics Covered:

  • Investors need to understand the trader's mindset
  • Why understanding what happens in the short term will improve your long term
  • How the Big Picture impacts funding accounts, entering trades, and new relationships
  • Determining the market's context and condition to better position portfolios
  • Understanding economic and geo-political risks and how to handle them
  • Importance of managing multiple time frames within accounts
  • Trading tools for investors
    • Market Profile - Looking inside the market
    • Volume Profile - Levels where business is best conducted
    • PnF charting - Information without all the clutter
    • Professional vs Amateur activity in the markets
    • Percent Change - The Flight to Quality Indicator
  • Other outstanding tools and technology available today to simplify your process and create a competitive edge
  • The six keys to a risk-control system
  • Managing risk to maximize investment returns
  • Five fundamental truths about the markets
  • Psychology of trading
  • The seven beliefs for consistency
  • Creating headspace to improve your focus and results
  • How to change bad habits and habit mastery
  • Creating a lean business
  • Systems vs Goals
  • Best processes
  • Turning your practice into a marketing message

Post Webinar:

  • Recording of webinar series available for two weeks
  • Reading list of all references
  • Software and technology list
  • List of essential websites

Email me if you have additional questions: