Call for Submissions



Call for Submissions

10-Minute Plays 

2013 Evening of Short Plays

Our next production will run in mid to late August, 2013 (final dates to be announced), and we have openings for four, ten-minute plays (ten pages in standard play format) which will be selected based on a blind adjudication.

Our motif for the 2013 production is "Two Chairs". Each play must incorporate two chairs and only the two chairs are permitted as props, aside from accessories and costuming.

Please refer to the following link for an example of standard play format: writersroom/scripts/stageus.pdf

To bind your submission, include a detached title page with your name, contact information and play

title and staple the remaining play pages together, ensuring that the title appears on the first page of the play. One submission per playwright.

Each winner is responsible for the production of their play, including casting, costuming and directing.

Attendance at It's Alive Playwrights Meetings is mandatory, including the introductory meeting on January 20th at 7pm.

Our four winners will be announced in January 2013.

Deadline: Postmarked by December 28, 2012

Act Now: First 25 submissions considered

Mail to: Box 404, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0

Questions: Email

Three Nights of Magic



(scene from “Old Fools” with actors Jon Allen and Chris Anderson, sorry for poor quality of image)

Three nights of magic in the imaginary world of the theatre ended last night with another standing ovation. It’s Alive Theatre Company concluded it’s first production of An Evening of Short Plays with three sold out nights of performances. I find it difficult to express all my feelings, so I will just recap the highlights. I am overwhelmed by the talent of our cast of actors, who gave so much time to rehearsals and magically transformed a bare stage with only a few props into sets and scenes. I am amazed by the talents and skills of our stage manager and crew who choreographed the set changes and made sets appear as a dance. I am grateful for our MC, who brought energy and enthusiasm for the project and broadcast it through interviews and live during each evening. I am humbled by the talent of my fellow writers, who created works of imagination and brought them to life on the stage. They inspire me to continue creating. I am thankful for you, my friends and neighbors, who stepped out of their normal lives for an evening and joined and encouraged us by your attendance and ovations. I am happy for the support of our local community and the sponsors who stepped up to fund our experiment before it was proven a success. I am hopeful for the future because of the requests we are already receiving from others who want to sponsor our upcoming productions.

Thank you All:


Jon Allen, Chris Anderson, Pierre Bachand, Mark Cruickshank, Dan Jaworski, 

Bruce Jollymore

, Jullie Knowles, 

Pamela Segger

, Shannon Sponagle, Saundra Vernon, and Cynthia Walker.


Liesha Wagner Letson


Shannon Campbell

 and Michelle Graves


Nancy Wilson


Gus Web


Merrill Heubach, Alistair Jarvis


Susan Cruckshank, Rick Myers, Pamela Segger, 

Alison Smith

, and Lloyd Williams

New Theatre Company in Lunenburg



Five local South Shore playwrights started It’s Alive Theatre Company in Lunenburg to highlight local writers and actors in original plays.

Our first production, An Evening of Short Plays will be October 11–13th at the Lunenburg Cultural Centre.

We hope you will join us for an evening of great entertainment.


Event: An Evening of Short Plays

Date: October 11, 12, 13

Time: 7:30 pm

Place: The Lunenburg Cultural Centre, 114 Fox Street

Cost: $10 (great deal for an evening of entertainment)

Includes: Live music, six short plays (two dramas, two comedies, and two surreal (a little something for everyone).

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Ticket Info

Tckets on sale at THE SHOP ON THE CORNER in Lunenburg or call Pamela at 527–9094 to reserve.

Please come and invite your friends.

Seating limited so please buy your tickets early.

writing workshop in Lunenburg

CS Whitcomb.jpg

 We are hosting a writing workshop in Lunenburg that would be of interest to all Novelists, Screenwriters, Playwrights, Memoirist, and aspiring writers. I have included the info below and attached a PDF and photograph. This is the writer we take the Writing Cruise with each year and after hearing Robert McKee, John Truby, Jeff Kennedy, Syd Field, Robert Olen Butler, Scott Morris, Wendall Thomas, William Goldman, Hallie Ephron, Larry Brooks, Eric Witchey, Aaron Sorkin, Karl Iglesias, Victoria Wisdom, Bill Marsilli, Terry Rossio, Shane Black, Lawrence Kasdan, and Michael Arndt, and many more, Cynthia is still the best at all the tools. You will leave inspired and equipped. Please pass link anyone you think may be interested or who is a member of a writing group. Thank you for spreading the word. 

Emmy-nominated writer

offers 2-day workshop in Lunenburg

Cynthia Whitcomb’s Writing Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, September 29 & 30

  9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cost $195

To Register contact Lloyd Williams

For Screenwriters, Novelists, Playwrights 

Includes how to choose an idea, three-act structure, scene cards, storyboards, set ups, payoffs, subplots, character development, research, format, dialogue, hiding exposition, buttoning scenes, how to write great openings, great endings, big moments. How to make ‘em laugh and cry. Pitching, query letter, breaking in.  

Writers welcome at every level of experience from novice to pro.

Cynthia Whitcomb has sold more than 70 feature-length screenplays, 30 of which have been filmed, most for prime time television. Her scripts have been nominated for many awards, including the Emmy, Writers Guild of America, Cable Ace, and the Edgar.  She has taught screenwriting for many years, including seven at the acclaimed UCLA Film School.  Many of her students have gone on to great success in Hollywood and made millions of dollars. She has created roles for Jason Robards, Kevin Spacey, Gena Rowlands, Anjelica Huston, Ellen Burstyn, Melanie Griffith, Gabriel Byrne, Sam Elliott, Martin Sheen, Brendan Fraser and many other renowned actors.

Whitcomb has recently returned to her first love, writing for the theatre.  Her play 


, co-authored with Marc Acito, completed a sold out, critically acclaimed six week run at Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Oregon in 2008 and was revived for another run in 2009.  

The Wilde Boy

 was at Fertile Ground new play festival in 2010.  

Lear’s Follies

 was produced July/August 2012 for the Portland Shakespeare Project. 

She has also written and sold two nonfiction books.  Her sister Laura is a successful YA novelist and has also sold two books on novel writing.

Cynthia also takes a group of writers every spring on a Trans-Atlantic cruise.  This April we’ll go to Ireland, France and England.  For more info:

Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

Story Engineering
By Larry Brooks
The five major elements of story physics are: 1. conceptual power (the compelling essence of the Big Idea)… 2. dramatic tension (conflict)… 3. pacing… 4. hero empathy (resulting in our rooting for something)… and 5. vicarious experience (often a function of setting and concept, as is the case in The Hunger Games).  Those last two combine to become at catch-all that speaks to the need for the reader to be emotionally involved. - Larry Brooks

I met Larry Brooks at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, OR. He spoke each of the three mornings on the concepts he calls Story Physics and Story Engineering. Larry looks at writing from both a structured and intuitive approach. In the end he concludes (and I would agree) that both methods are doing the same thing. The structured approach does the design before writing and the intuitive continues to write until the design works. Both end up conforming to the natural laws of story. Unlike other books on story structure,

Story Engineering

clearly explains the interaction of the plot points, plot twists, and milestones. The only chapter I found weak was concerning the Act Three - Resolution. He will have a new book titled The Search for Story coming out later this year to delve deeper into Story Physics, a prequel to Story Engineering. Combined together they are a worthwhile read.

Evening of Poetry at the Makery


Alice Burdick, Jaime Forsythe, and John Wall Barger read this evening from their latest collections of poetry. The Makery was filled to capacity for the reading. Many other local poets showed up and the evening was good conversation and great fun. Jaime started the evening with her Surrealist poems filled with vivid sensory detail. John entertained everyone with humorous tales of his travels and personal revelations. After a short break Alice read from her collection of new poems composed over the last several years detailing daily life in a small community. The evening ended with each reading a last poem.

Scrivener: A Writing Environment

I have used Scrivener since its original beta for all my writing, because it is not a word processor, but a complete writing environment. All the tools I need are at my fingertips. All research, notes, outlines, sketches, drafts, ideas, photos, and writing tools like dictionary and thesaurus are now open on my desktop.

I have tried every writing program available and none compares to the simplicity and power of Scrivener. Keith Latte, the developer has created a uniquely user definable workspace that each writer can define to meet your own needs. Whether you write intuitively, visually, outline, or need extensive research, all are accommodated in Scrivener.

A Windows version is currently in beta testing. If you are a Mac user I know no better way to organize and fulfill all your writing needs.