Winter Riding Solution


With the temperatures -1c and below and the winds 25-50 km/h lately, indoor trainer has been a great solution. 


By combining the Kurt Kinetic with TrainerRoad on my computer I have a Virtual Power Meter and can simulate any desired training ride.  

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Tao Te Ching - A Morning Practice

For the past two months, after rising and making a pot of tea, I read a chapter from Wayne Dyer's translation and commentary of the Tao Te Ching.  

Though he did not translate from the original Chinese, but from numerous English translations, his commentary shows great insight into the meaning of the text. Many mornings a certain phrasing, connects with me and I will sit by the window and think about it as the sun begins to light the horizon.

Knitting at Sweet Indulgence

A warm place to enjoy a cup of coffee, good conversation with a friend, and a little knitting with whatever is on the needles at the moment (Basketweave scarf), while waiting for Pamela to finish teaching her morning hip-hop dance class.


Chi Running

Source: Runners World

Source: Runners World

Running is something I enjoy only because the calorie burn is high for the short time invested. But I am a pavement pounder and running is difficult on my joints. That is one reason I prefer cycling, but it takes longer to achieve the same calorie burn. This article caught my attention after Sensei Jamie Constable (aikido) sent me the following link.

Chi Running by Danny Dreyer is the book mentioned in the article. 

Vintage and Folk Socks by Nancy Bush

I was first introduced to Nancy Bush  when her book Knitting On The Road caught my eye in the Lunenburg Library  just after my birthday in 2012. The sock patterns intrigued me enough to want to learn how to knit. 

This week I found her books on Vintage and Folk socks at the library and again she has inspired me to challenge myself with some new patterns and techniques. 

The Gentleman's Sock with Railway Stitch and the Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock are interesting places to start.

A cast-on technique that interest me most is the Norwegian Cast-O which gives you a purl stitch as the base, while a Long Tail Cast-on gives you a knit stitch as the base. By alternating the two techniques on the cast-on will make for a cleaner knit / purl ribbing for cuffs.


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