RoadMap for Change™

RoadMap for Change™ - Business Version Replaces the Creating Exponential Change Workbook. This simple planning tool will help you achieve your three-year goals in less time.

RoadMap for Change™ - Business SAMPLE.doc This is a sample completed Roadmap for Change. If you do not know where to start, this will help.

RoadMap for Change™ - Video Training - High Speed Connection This is a Quicktime movie about how to use the Roadmap for Change - Business Version. High speed  connection recommended.

RoadMap for Change™ - Video Training - Dial-up Connection This is a Quicktime movie about how to use the Roadmap for Change - Business Version. This is a small version of the movie suitable for slower connections.

RoadMap for Change™ - Personal Version This is a Roadmap designed around your personal life.

Compass Heading Concept Papers

Keep your business on the road to change. These papers include a single concept you can apply to your life and business today.

Planing: A Three Act Play

The Four Box Clean-Up

The Brain is a Poor Storage Device

Regaining Clarity in the Midst of Chaos

Practice Management Tools

Communication Assistant's Script - Stop the distractions that keep you from staying focused during the day and keep the team productivity high. 

5 Questions Worksheet - Before you write an article, blog post, create a presentation, design a web page, prepare for a client or team meeting ask the following 5 Questions for better results. You can download a PDF of the worksheet here.  

Operations Manual Template Sample procedures manual for five different functions on your team. (Note: insert a page break after each procedure before editing)

Criteria for Team Infrastructure Discusses a simple set of criteria for building a successful team and who you need on the team.

DISC Registration Form Utilize each team member's skills fully. Hire the right new team member for the right position. The DISC assessment assists you in hiring and managing your team more effectively. 

Coaching Prep Form (Word doc) This is also a great tool for your team to use for your weekly team meetings, buy having each team member come to the meeting prepared to answer the first four questions from their role/function on the team.

Media Players

FREE QuickTime Player for Windows - Download and install the latest free QuickTime player for best audio and video playback.