Big Charts Large interactive charts of the stock markets. Daily Rotation Headlines From 300+ Tech Sites

Democracy Now The rest of the news not reported by the networks.

Peter Drucker Information by and about Peter Drucker.

Real Clear Politics Read both sides of an issue.

Time and Date Atomic date and time - always be on time.

Truthout News | Politics

43 Folders Merlin Mann's blog on productivity with a GTD focus.

David Allen Company The productivity guru who wrote Getting Things Done, an outstanding resource site.

Zen Habits A simpler implementation of GTD.

DIY Planner Create your own planner to meet your needs - GTD focus,

Lifehacker Gina Trapani's productivity site.

Amnesty International Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide.

CopyTalk Transcription service Lloyd recommends.

Mindjet Mindmapping software.

Scrivener Best writing environment.

BlogMutt Weekly original content for your website or blog.